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Learn all of the ins & outs of using Decorative Rollers and creating texture finishes.

Decorative Rollers are a unique tool that can help you create one of a kind finishes.

Are you ready to learn how to get the most out of your rollers?

Plus, learn a new decorative finish each month.

These are exclusive trainings that can only be found in The Roller Queen's Inner Circle.

Trusted by thousands of artist.

Since 1989, Jenn has been teaching artists. From stenciling to decorative painting and everything in between.

Learn 12 exclusive finishes this year for only $65.99!
These are finishes only taught in this exclusive group and all finishes incorporate a decorative roller.
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All of our memberships include learning a new finish each month.
But, we also offer a membership where you will receive the new Roller of the Month each month as well!
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Detailed step-by-step training videos each month. Jenn will walk you through the process of creating each finish.

Live Q&A

Each finish is taught on Facebook LIVE. Join in to follow along and ask any questions you have!

Written Instructions

Detailed instructions written out step-by-step to follow along. These will be provided for each finish & can be downloaded for later reference. 

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Why is Jenn qualified to teach you?

Jenn started out her artistic profession over 30 years ago. She started with a small stencil business and over the years has evolved into the decorative painting studio it is today. Along the way she has wrote 4 books, appeared as a guest on the Carol Duvall show, taught thousands of artists with in-studio and online workshops, written blogs & created videos for the like of Hometalk & DIY Magazine, and the list goes on.

Jenn has always had a passion for teaching & sharing all of her creative knowledge. Having students join her in studio for the various workshops she holds throughout the year are some of her favorite weekends! Knowing this kind of time & financial commitment isn't easy for everyone to make, she wanted to create a community of artists she loves to spend time with & teach.. ergo the creation of The Roller Queen's Inner Circle.

Membership options to fit your desires & needs.
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If you have any questions, please contact Jenn at: or 714.259.4880